26 Mar

Hey guys

How’s it going?

I’ll show you my day in pictures..

Started with breakfast, a big one to be me.

I’m not a breakfast-person. It just like.. I’m not hungry in the mornings!


I went to Sickla with mom and some people. Bought bubbles, hair stuff and make up remover.

Also bought new sunglasses, for 5 bucks or something (50 sv kr). Cheap much!

Then Liam came here for just to pick up his shirt. We talked for awhile and he took a lot of ugly, unprepared pictures of me.

I tried to show of my NEW IPHONE (mohaha I’m in the club!). Okay it’s fake.

hahaha I don’t know what happened there..

We’re listened to MBLAQ and Liam confessed he thought G.O looked the best. Haha it was so funny, because G.O is the only one with facial hair. His called G.O = the hair man.

Haha xD You see, facial hair (mustache, beard) is not that usual on Korean idols!

Ah, got to go♥!




2 Responses to “Saturday♥”

  1. Sandra March 26, 2011 at 11:58 pm #

    Hahaha Amanda du är så söt! Tack btw 🙂
    Woaw, nya sunglasses, coooling där! Snygga!
    Jag fattar inte, är iphonen din!? :O

  2. chocolat love~ March 27, 2011 at 5:44 pm #

    åhh såpbubblor ❤

    sv: ja visst var han!!

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