The japanese food cases

29 Mar

Herrow. Thought of sharing something I found at Strapaya yesterday. Funny shit.

Have you seen these Iphone cases?iPhoneカバー

Haha, they’re so funny! It’s food, like literally.. bacon and egg phone.

Who wants that?! Seriously, stupid idea.

Or that was my thought at first.. Then I saw the websites most popular products. And guess what Japanese Food iPhone 4 Cover is in first place! Can’t believe it, it’s so ugly! Who would by that??

I havn’t seen anyone with a food case (in sweden lol), but if I do I swear I’ll tell you guys!

Or maybe I should just get a fried phone (number 2) myself?

Website want me to: “Look at the roasted bread crumbs!
Crunchy crispy bread crumbs, look so real!! Don’t they stimulate your appetite? Can you believe it’s not real? Enjoy the Japanese food sample maker? It’s amazingly delicate workmanship.”

Or the bento one!

Or maybe I’ll just eat my bacon and egg one, stab it with tha fork!


You might want to try to stick the fork (they actually spelled it folk, LMAO.. can’t say R!!!) to this case? Go ahead, give it a try, but you CANNOT leave even a scar. It protects your IPhone from scratches and damages.


Had to show the Dango one. Hahahaha!


Call us crazy, but it really is an iPhone case! Everybody around you will wonder who you always have a plate of chirashi sushi with you if they cannot figure out that it is actually your iPhone! It will make your iPhone 4 stand out over everybody else’s iPhone!

Haha okay sorry japanese phone-case makers..

It’s just so damn ugly.


One Response to “The japanese food cases”

  1. cute pictures April 22, 2011 at 12:03 am #

    Good way of puttin it..

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