4 bags lighter

30 Mar

Good evening,

Just spent 3 hours clearing my wardrobes. Ahh~

I really don’t like throwing clothes away, it feels so wrong ;;.. so it takes a long time for me to decide which shirt to keep and not..

It’s like I have this inner battle with myself.. keep – not to keep!

Ah, hate it.

Anyways got 4 plastic bags together with clothes, old things, and crap that I don’t need. Like an old CB poster, uhu ;;

Also found my Twilight things, and I thought that I should sell them to desperate fangirls.. I think I will! Stay tuned~

Cleaned my room a bit as well. The dog is making it more dirty than usual. FML.

Ahh so tired now ;;

pretty ji-yong

And took off a page in my KAT-TUN calendar, it was almost the last page.. the penultimate page! 31/3 is the last day T____T

It’s a bit sad, but I guess I’m not such a big KAT-TUN fangirl anymore.. it’s okay ne~

Bye bye Kame, thank you too ^___^


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