For sale

31 Mar

Like I said I found my old Twilight (Robert) things yesterday and obviously I don’t need them anymore, lol.

So if someone is intrested in buying something, please contact me! Here in the blog or my mail;


Robert Pattinson book

– 70 kr (10 US.D)

Got it from my mum when she went to london. never touched though, hah.

Really liked the book. All the facts you can think of Robert in there, a lot about Twilight also. Something Robert V.S Taylor I think..

Also get a calendar.


Robert Pattinson poster

Red one: – 60 kr (9 US.D)

Black one: – 60 kr (9 US.D)

Bought them for 100 kr (15 US.D) each when I was in Denmark, last year. Had the red one up on my wall a while, but it’s good quality. They’re huge btw.


Kent CD box 1991-2008

– 300 kr (45 US.D)

All their amazing songs in one album. Played some of the records a lot, but took good care of it.

Bought it for 500 kr (76 US.D) two years ago (?).


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