Block to the B

16 Apr

Block B. This is the new kpop group, Block B. Gash, they’re so cool..

I laughed when I first saw them on MC because they reminded me of some other groups (teen top, infinite).. yeh yeh.. and it all made me feel super embarrassed. lol.

But really, I think they got something good going on there. Except some guys looks like other famous people, so so bad.

The guy with sunglasses is like TOP nr. 2, seriously.. What did they think about when they styled him?! Or made him a TOP nr. 2?!?! Stupid. Also the guy who sings at 0.45, he looks like Kyhyun a bit, and the guy in the beginning have Ji-yong hair from GD&TOP. RIGHT?! And I saw a Yoseob look-a-like too O_O lol me.

Gosh. But I like them. Ho-ho-ho~

The song is so addictive! Listened to it all day, thank God I don’t have to use spotify! Poor spotiyfy-obsessed people, you can only listen to one song 5 times

T____T I listened to Don’t Move all day long now.

NO LIFE (and proud)!!


One Response to “Block to the B”

  1. Sandra April 18, 2011 at 11:38 pm #

    HAHAHAHAHA så sjuuuuukt rolig, jag fortsätter läsa och den blir ju bara värre!!! HAHHAAH bästa storyn jag läst typ!! Här är där jag läser den:

    Seriöst, skitkul jue!!! XD

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