Boring Monday with Yong and history book

25 Apr


an old cam picture haha

Today I woke up at 12 am, great. Ate my breakfast while watching Tyra Show, omo~!

I’m so glad it’s back on TV, love that show. This time 50 cent was there, visiting. Haha lol his so funny! Jk. Or not. He really is! 

After that I went on a date with my school books, more specific my history book. I have a test on World war II on thursday, I think. We had fun, in like 5 hours. Ahhh kill meeeeee…

And that’s almost my everything I did today. Oh right, I also went dancing for like 2 hours now in the evening and wrote a bit on my fanfic (the dream one!). Just drank chai tea. Lovely.

And just saw this one.

Omgash I’m starting to love CNBlue again. They’re so fine, those guys.. Especially Yoooooong~..

I know you wish that was your room the CNBLUE guys was in.. and they played their little instruments.. and Yong hwa gave you eye-peeks and said stuff like “take my hands baby” and “kiss me kiss me kiss me”. Yeah, I know that. YOU WIIIIISH!!!!



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