Will you be my princess?

28 Apr


Before I start talking about my day:

My friend made gifs to me of me lolllll..

Thought it fitted perfectly here. Hearts to you guys!

Today I had my test in history – WWII.. It went so-so. I could have done better, but you know.. lazy ass. Just got home from school with a 1 hour lesson – sciences. It was okay today actually. Haha, because.. we watched a movie! We’re working with globalization so we watched that movie called, “An inconvenient truth” by Al Gore. Hm, his so cool! Don’t you think? Wish our lovely politics could be more like him instead of saying “Yeah, this is our generations fault but you have to fix it!” I’m talking about the environment, if you didn’t get that. lol. Ah I’m getting sick of this ecology-talk but really, we have to save earth.. sooner or later. Maybe I should dump my make-up job and become a politican. Wah, lovely.


Okay so after that “serious” part of this blog let’s go to my real side. Fangirling. Na, I would like to call it.. watching my darling sing, or something like that. Why is the word fangirl starting to irritate me? Like wth, I have been one in A LONG time now.. Maybe we should just re-name it. (…)


I want to show you a picture of Ji, that I found in my folder. – GD FOLDER – 

during heartbreaker days.. oh so lovely.

this is one of my favorite pics of him, all time. I don’t know why.. it’s not like it’s super spectacular or anything. LAAA!

Look, look MJ (okay I dunno if that MJ) on the jacket, lol. Beside the apple. Apple love.  He looks happy and his blonde there too. Missed his blonde hair ;;.

Ah sorry for fangirl, not. FANGIRLING POWAAAAA!!!

If you wondered about the title, well.. here..





ohyes my darling, yes! 


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