So tired

29 Apr

Hello my lovely peeps.. 

*come to me!* 

Now it’s like this.. Ahhhh I’m so so tired.

Got up at like 7 and yeah here I am. Today in school I had like *counting* 6.. or 5 maybe lessons, but between them a 3 hours lunch break. Which resulted that I got to go home at 3 a clock..ON A FRIDAY.. a little earlier today because my class were super hyper at lifesaving “Ann” on the PE, you know the doll that you practice lifesaving at. Hm, yeah.. I like her. Because she can’t speak! Ha-ha, I’m so sick of people right now. That’s why I can’t really get why I met up with my ex today. We went randomly to a movie and ate at EH. Love EH. Well, I’m just sick of people that irritates me. The idiots in my life. So that’s why, I’m happy that I’m going to meet my lovely friends tomorrow, on .. (I actually search for Valborg in english and the trans: Walpurgis Night) WTHHHHH walpurgis?! … REALLY?.. We’re gonna sleep at Sandra’s place and yeah, have fun! Also going to watch “brasan”, no fucking translation, a while I think. And make some cake cake cake! I will remember to bring my camera, for once.. so photos well be up here soon! ^-^

Oh, oh.. forgot to tell.. We had grilled hamburgers to lunch today. Wow right.

and here is me, like a month ago.. posing with a cake. ugly la.

Before I end this and go to sleep. To all my MBLAQ fangirls out there..

This lovely (lee joon shi looooovely~~~~~) instrumental audio of Y.

I seriously love the  beat. Gash makes me wanna dance!

but ahh I’m just waiting for joon’s wonderful voice to start “somebody knew..” AHHHH<3 



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