If you didn’t know..

4 May

that’s my boy. joonie♥ if you didn’t know!

can’t. get. over. you. 

It’s my lil bro’s b-day today. His five now, so old and so big T_____T I have been surrounded by hundreds of kids and family (that I don’t even know). Hm, it’s was fun though. I like meeting people.. I ate a lot of cake and drank a lot of wild strawberry soda (YUMMY IN MA TUMMY)..! Also laughed a bunch with (or at) my lovely little cousin, Henrik. His only 7 months and so so cute. Love that boy! Also entered some time to study my math today. Because my test is tomorrow, omg. This is the last national test, if you don’t count spanish.. FML. But my spanish teacher said it wasn’t like a real national test, so I guess it’s ok-ok! I’ll do my best anyways. Fighting! 

Now it’s time for me to wind down a little, gonna write on a fic and watch some MBLAQ.

Have a good night everyone♥


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