Haul + MBLAQ

6 May

Made a little haul video again yesterday. The sound is pretty crappy.. sorry about that yo.

Things I got last monday, and today.. ho-ho~

Today I’ve been working at my mom’s work.. she owns a beauty salon! I did some cleaning, and sold some products but also did Geleration on two customers any my mom! Ahh~ it was so much fun.. So if my friends are reading this right now.. I’ll give you sale on Geleration made my me! lol. And oh oh, Haley (!) I took home some products to you too :D. Annica also did Geleration on me, so now I have screamy pink, though super pretty nails. Love love love iiit! Can show them later..

Before I go to make some dinner I wanted to post this clip on my favorite boys..


Wah~ Here they battled against Park Jung Min from SS501 (yeah whatever).. but they really owned him, big time! Haha you can really see on G.O that he loves Michael Jackson lol. His like giving it his all! And after Smooth Criminal they danced the hip song dance by Rain (LEADAAAAA!), their producer. Loved that one.. Joon looked so cute T___________T

And here is another MJ dance when they danced with Beast.

Joon in the middle! So good my boy ;;♥



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