Water for Elephants

8 May


Did you know that girls who smile a lot are usually crazy in bed? Well, that’s something to think about gals..

Yesterday I went spray tanning for a bit with mommy. And my friends called me gingerbread.. I’m not that tanned actually. Haha I just did it for fun, and a bit because I want to make revolt against cold bloody Sweden. But today it was hot weather again, no snow.. and no rain. Sun sun sun~! I’m pretty pleased anyways.. On the evening my friend Karro came here with her family, we ate BBQ and watched “Music and Lyrics”. It was nice♥

Me and my sister went to Sickla today, and ate lunch at EH, we drank like 2 Ice chai each! Yum ;; Love those..
And after some shopping (!).. we went to the cinema and we watched “Water for Elephants”. Loved the movie! Robert is super handsome and his acting is so amazing! If you didn’t see the movie yet, go watch it! So so good~

What more happened today.. I got money from my grandma because she thought I looked poor. Not nice I know, but it’s true. HAHA!

Tomorrow I have dance class at 08:00.. which means I have to go to bed soon lol. Okay not soon, but yeahhhh..



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