Bye bye world

17 May

Hello peeps. So, I guess everyone already heard about the fake 2012 day on Saturday.. Well I don’t really know what to say haha. If that old fellow who loves the bible really is right, uhm.. I’m gonna ask him for forgiveness! But yeah, he probably isn’t. I saw a video on Aftonbladet when a swedish reporter had an interview with the fella. The reporter was like,

“What if you wake up on Sunday 22nd? What will you do?” and the fellow said shortly, “That’s not going to happen.”! I think he also said something about.. that the bible had too many evidence! Like really, come on now.. Old fellow, let me tell you something.. If God created Jesus to come and bless us all, and then he died (obviously), if God made us humans.. and this lovely earth and you know all that shit.. Why would he kill us all with a little earthquake? And his only motive is: You lived too long on earth.

I don’t think 7000 years is that long. (?)


So. If I survive this.. freaky thing, I will start to blog better and funnier ne

xt week. Because this week is seriously i n s a n e. I think I had seven test or something like that, in the beginning of the week, then we complain a little and they took some away haha. But still it’s crazy!

Monday: Spanish NP, Social studies homework test

Tuesday: Swedish test

Wednesday: Spanish NP, Swedish test + submission

Thursday: Social studies home work test, PE test

Friday: Spanish NP,

Did I forget anything. Aish.. That’s a mind list to myself, lol.

And oh, on friday we’re going to dance in like 5 hours (all the 9th graders)! Because we have to practice to the prom, ofc. Fun right~

I guess you want some pictures of me before I go. Naaat..




2 Responses to “Bye bye world”

  1. Sandra May 18, 2011 at 10:41 pm #

    Och vad i hela friden, nu ska man inte överdriva, amanda, vi ska ju bara dansa i två timmar! xD

    • whataisaid May 18, 2011 at 10:45 pm #

      vadå hkk? XD
      Aha okej, didn’t knew!

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