Let me take you down Youngbae

18 May

Today it is Taeyang oppas birthday!

In school my friend asked something like “is it someones birthday today?”, and I was like “Omg I know one! Taeyang~~~~”. Everyone went like: O_O

So yeah, I thought.. I’ll celebrate bae later at home instead. lol

Hope you had a super super birthday! And hope you got many presents and congratulations (I know you did!! cuz of your twitter la..)!

Happy birthday Taeyang oppa!

G-DRAGON AND TAEYANG Pictures, Images and Photos
with my baby ji-yong haha

If you wondering about the title, I just saw this video on YouTube..

2PM♥. They danced to “Take you down” by Chris Brown.. that’s the title!

And if you don’t say that dancing is hella sexy, go die. SERIOUSLY. 2PM baddest of them all~

I think this most be my favorite Star Dance Battle.. it’s so so good! L O V E D  I T!


One Response to “Let me take you down Youngbae”

  1. chiaki May 18, 2011 at 9:28 pm #

    sv. åh? 😀 jag tycker det är jätteroligt ^^ hoppas jag också tycker att dramat är bra 🙂
    Nån postade nyss det här på facebook:

    “Japanese Title for the Drama will be “Ikemen Desu ne”

    Yaotome Hikaru will play as Jeremy Japanese Counterpart Hongo, the youngest member and also the drummer.
    Fujigaya Taisukewill play as the cool and clever guitarist, ShinWoo Japanese counterpart Fujishiro.
    Tamamori Yuta will play as the leader Tae Kyung Japanese counterpart Yeom Katsuragi
    Takimoto Miori will play as Go Minam Japanese counterpart Sakuraba(boy) Yoshiko (girl)
    Kis My Ft2 will be the one who will sang the theme song and it will be their debut song.

    It will be aired every Fridays at 10pm starting July up to September..”

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