Night keke

21 May

hat – bodyline

shirt – MQ


How was your day? Good? Bad? Myself, I had a pretty good day. I’m so tired from yesterday, because I stayed up all night watching Hello Baby (for like the third time) but I’m still up.. My brother had a birthday party with two friends today, they all turned five now in may.. So we had this party for all the neighbours kids and their parents. I fixed all the party things and blew a lot of balloons. I also made cookies T___T Ah so tired now.. But it was fun. I love kids, haha. The funniest thing was when I had to demonstrate how to “sack jump” and I totally failed. LMAO ;;..

My sister took some photos of me just now but I can show them later, when I fixed my camera ne..

Now I think I’m going to watch some more Hello Baby. LOOOOVE!

Have a good night everyone♥


3 Responses to “Night keke”

  1. chiaki May 21, 2011 at 11:12 pm #

    sv. hmm det kan hända att skolorna i stan har nåt sånt på nian. Men inte i vår skola.
    Däremot är det tradition att niorna blir bjudna på mat dagen före skolavslutningen. Det är elevkåren som står för betalningen. Jag tror inte det är riktigt samma sak, men det är nåt vi har i alla fall XDD

  2. Sandra May 22, 2011 at 1:09 am #

    Åhhh en hatt, va fin~ ❤

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