Yesterday + The Hangover

29 May

Hello peeps..

Yesterday was super! SWAG preformed on “Älta Festivalen” and we messed up quite a lot..But ofc we just “fake it till you make it”! And we did make it haha 😀 It was so much fun, really want to do it again ^^. After the festival I went home and took a shower, fixed my hair and such and then I went out with Becci and Caroline. We went to a thai-restaurant, so good food♥, and talked a lot. We also bought some candy and had a good time at Caroline’s place, while watching a lot of different movies and programs haha. I went home and watched “Coffee Prince” all night long. Today I woke up at 12:00, and then went to Farsta C with my mom, dad and lil’bro. I bought my brother a box full och Pokémons. Aren’t I a good sister? Haha.. I drank my lovely ice chai-tea at EH but I didn’t buy anything else..

Soon me and mom are going to Sickla to watch “The Hangover 2”. I really look forward to it 😀 Liked the first movie a lot so..

Oh btw, it’s Mothers day today right! Did you celebrate your mom? I bought my mom a gift from “Granit”, an equipment store. 6 pairs of lanterns to candles, with a japanese-newspaper motive. Ahh it’s hard to explain, but it was pretty anyways~.. In my family it’s a very big thing with Mothers day. We always celebrate it a lot. Today we were supposed to celebrate with my grandma and a lot of people, but granny got sick so we couldn’t! That’s why we went to Farsta C, haha. So I thought I would treat mom on a movie today ^___^! Good daughter too right? Okay jk.

Happy mothers day mothers! I love you mommy♥


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