So hawt

31 May

(should have been posted hours ago. I have to learn to press PUBLISH button not DRAFT button. sowwy guys.)


Just got home from school with my friend, sweat. Haha gross, just kidding~.. But it’s kind of true. It’s so hot today. Is this the hottest day in Sweden so far this year? Yes?? Probably not. Really hot anyways.. Like my clothes are sticking to my body and I can’t get my pants of and my hair is all over my face and..yeah. So hawt. But it’s all good! It’s soon summer, right? I think I have like 5 days more in school ^___^! Ah I’m so happy it will be summer vacation soon 🙂 Longed for this the whole year, haha right♥

Today in school I started of by being about 1 hour late, I know, very professional. So I came 1 hour late to a globalization test we had! But it didn’t do much because I didn’t write a lot. Should have studied more ;;! After the test I had some more lessons and also did my verbal test in math (!). Uh my god. It actually went better than I thought, so I’m just hoping for the best right now.. while digging my own grave. Ha-ha. Tomorrow I have a presentation about Guy de Maupassant, a french writer.. like wth. But it still feels good to have everything done now! It’s summer sooooon.. like my friend said, “My brain already went on vacation.” Yep, something like that..


I’m gonna go and practice my presentation.

Goodnight everybody♥

Oh btw, tomorrow evening I’m taking the train to my granny and staying there for the next 5 days.

Don’t miss me bitches♥


2 Responses to “So hawt”

  1. Sandra May 31, 2011 at 10:44 pm #

    HAHA jag kan inte se videoklippet för att “det är olämpligt och man måste vara 18 år!” Hehehehe vad säger han om dem då? Att de fejkar det för pressen eller? Eller att Selena utnyttjar JB? Eller att JB utnyttjar Selena? Eller att den ena lurar den andra? Har hört allt, haha xD

  2. Sandra May 31, 2011 at 11:27 pm #

    Haha en JB-blogg hade lagt ut den och jag såg. Man kan ju inget annat än skratta rakt i ansiktet på honom. Har ju inte ens någon vettig anledning till varför han hatar dem! För att de är fejk? Bra anledning…. Haha typ sista personen jag bryr mig om vad han tycker, för det enda han gör är att hata 🙂 Hahahaha han är så störd! xD

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