5 Jun

WASSAP! I’m home, I’m home, I’m home~

Wonderful isn’t it! I missed my room so much omgash. (laying in my bed hugging the computer). Don’t judge people, I’m not a computer-freak.. I just didn’t have time to talk (see stare, or maybe stalk..) my darling in 4 days. That’s a lot for me T__________T..


I figured I had to do like a update post. So want to know some depressing things?

1) People who read my blog (not everyone!) are retarded. Got like 10000 comments.. : WHY AREN’T YOU UPDATING?!?!?!?!? I told you I was at my granny’s house. K.. calm down.. I deleted all of the comments, but I did read them so don’t think anything else! God, just so depressing.

2) My sister is going to Italy – Rom in one week, without me. (With granny, tomas, patrik, emma…..)

3) I forgot to change my BB calendar to the JUNE page, so I did that now.. and I saw that Daesung is on the picture. LIKE UWAAAAAA ;;.. Praying for and with you Dae♥

Ow. This thing with Daesung is seriously the saddest thing ever. I wanna cry again, fml T_______T..

Anyways, my blog is not a sad blog. It’s a happy blog 😀

The hottest video on YouTube is here, mohaha~

Ohhh MBLAQ♥ Seriously, whyyy so haaaawt!! Haha the name “Y on mud”, love it. Just look at my boy.. aw Joonie, you’re the hottest ever♥! I want your babies. HAHA.. true.

Gonna go, eat some..

I’m at tumblr if you want to reach me, alright..


One Response to “H O M E”

  1. Möller June 6, 2011 at 12:06 am #

    I bet it was nice getting a break from Stockholm?!
    See ya on tuesday babe!

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