Rum bum bum bum, bum bum bum

6 Jun

Sitting on my bed in my new sweatpants from Cubus. They’re lovely♥. I’m gonna show them later. Went to Forum today with my mom and sister. Bought some clothes, and a lot of jewelry (haha my life) but no shoes to prom that I should have done! Ahh couldn’t find any good ones, like wth T___T.. Carro we have to go and search for shoooes!

Now when everyone is home from UppCon.., it’s so fun to hear all the stories. I never went to UppCon, hmm.. I don’t think it’s my thing really. Haha lol. Anyways my friend Haley had her dance group there, preforming and I had friends going this year again. I think I’ll be forever alone here in Stockholm, haha. No but I had fun in Järvsö, my gran’s place. It’s really nice up there, always gets so relaxed and you know.. love it there♥!

Omo today when I walked in a car-garage, when we finished shopping, I walked over something, like a well and it blew air right up on me and hahaha my dress flew in all different ways! Oh my, it was so embarrassing.. and I was like trying to grab it (it was a maxi dress) but it didn’t work that well T____T I hope all you perverts out there enjoyed seeing my ass. Mhm. Also spilled my ice-chai all over the dress later in the car. Damn dress!

Picture I took today. Pretty good for my crappy old phone. I think I named it Yama-chan, is that right.. haha don’t remember!

Bye people♥


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