My love

8 Jun

From Peach on Now here she comes, she wants some of my lollipop. She touchin’ on my body makes me wanna rock. Now here I come I give it to her straight up and down. Now here I come, here I come, come, come, come, come.. #

Why do you like G-dragon? Like what makes him so special to you? Appreciate answer!

Hi Peach! Ohh I get that question all the time haha, it’s a bit hard to answer..

I really like Ji-yong because of his honesty, and the way he always does everything a hundred percent. And the music he writes is just amazing, also his singing and dancing. As well as I think his the most beautiful and handsome man on earth. Ji-yong really.. inspires me. I think without him in my life right now, everything would be meaningless. I think about him everyday, every second.. He really means the world to me. I love his smile. He is always so cool and calm on stage but can also go all crazy haha, I really like that.. I like that his funny and so so cute. Aw, I guess I like everything about him yeh.

With Gaho:

that’s why I like dogs, no cats no no no!



My favorite live:

Knock out with TOP:



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