Golf oh yeah

9 Jun


Hi everyone!

I noticed a lot of new people have been showing up here. Hello hello to you guys♥

Well, today I did something really fun actually! I played golf! Yeah, I know~ dorky much.. It was with my class in school so yeah. We had this non-attractive instructor so I got pretty disappointed.. aren’t golf guys suppose to be hot? Like not the old men, the younger ones!! I remember my dad told me about this guy, names Ricky Fowler. His hot! Too bad he has a girlfriend. So yeah, that was a disappointment. Anyways I had fun playing, thought I sucked at it haha. My dad plays golf all the time so you could think I learned from him, but no. I’m not really into these sports things. Maybe you noticed.  After the golf me and some other people went to McDonald’s, I got a soda. Original. And yeah went back home again and I was excited because I was going to see my hot craftsman, who works on our bathroom.. but no again. He wasn’t working here today. BIG SAD FACE. Disappointed. His hotter than Ricky actually.

Aw, my life sounds so miserable. Well it is! Ohh fuck you bitches out there who call me all these things.

I’m gonna go take a shower, and I’ll see you hundred new readers tomorrow!







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