Oh my gash

15 Jun


It’s been a while and I’m not dead or anything.. super alive actually! I posted that Joon and MBLAQ post but I wanted to write some updates about my life lately too!

Yesterday I graduated from junior high, haha it’s amazing.. I still can’t get it! Yesterday was.. amazing. Even though I felt sick most of the day (dunno why!) I danced with my dance group SWAG and we had so fun♥ My girls are so good!!! And I got my grades, and I’m so so happy.. they turned out good! I have never been the girl who cares about grades that much but I really REALLY worked hard in these 3 years in junior high school.. and got good results for it! Everyone out there who goes to junior high right now (högstadiet) keep on fighting ne! HWAITING~! Anyways, yesterday.. It was the saddest day in a very long time for me. At first I didn’t realize that I never going to come to that school anymore, and I never going to see my classmates again in that way. I cried so much and it was really really sad. I know all of my friends also felt this way and it so hard when you cry together with your friends.. In all my happiness for getting my grades and finishing junior high.. I was so so sad. Oh my, I’m getting teary eyed right now. I’m gonna miss my class a lot, and to see my wonderful girls everyday. Love you Carro och Sandra♥! But ofc, life goes on! And this is just a new chapter, and I have just turned my page! We had 3 tough years in my school with my class. We was a very difficult, basar if you say haha.. class. Teacher couldn’t get a hold of us and yeah we bugged a lot! We just had the bad luck to come in the same class with so different people. But I do think that everything that happened to us.. Everything from that 7 persons quit and moved to other schools, all the bad lessons, all the changes of teachers who couldn’t handle us to the “pilfering-accident” just made us closer. Maybe not as friends but as a group. I’m going to miss our fellowship. 9E♥

I’m sorry readers for not updating in a looong time. I hadn’t checked my computer, blog or anything in like 24 hours. Haha because I had so much to do, no rest no no! So yesterday as I said I had my graduation, and the day before that I had my prom! I had so much fun on the prom. Me and my friends went crazy dancing and my feet hurted to much I thought I would die haha. I think I underestimated prom because the group of people who fixed it did it really well! Thank you for fixing a great prom! Still keeping my thoughts about the dresses though. HAHA!



Sandra, Me and Caroline.

We fixed ourselfs at Carro’s place before the prom. All dolled up and ready to go!

Waiting for the bus to come.

Met Haley, who looked super cute.

Then we met Eric and Oscar who also went to prom civically! Haha we thought we were the only ones T___T

happy gals!

Dining with everyone..

Veronica and Niclas!

Me and Veronica.


And danced!

Bathroom break haha..

Tired girls after proms ending. haha lol look at our messy hair.. crazy dancing!

That’s my latest days.

Today I’ve been sleeping and yeah. Talked to my lovely Yann for like 10 mintues, gonna talk to you more soon ok ok♥!! Then I went to my mom’s salon and fixed my broken nail T_____T.. It hurt.



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