You’re Beautiful -> Ikemen desu ne = SPAM

18 Jun

I think I mentioned I few times that I really love You’re Beautiful, haha.. yeah sorry about that! It’s just a super super awesome drama. And now, I guess everybody already knows, the japanese version of the drama is going to be released. With HSJ’s Hikaru Yaotome as Jeremy e.g.! I’m so freaking excited about the japanese remake, CAN’T EVEN SIT STILL ON MY FUCKING CHAAAIR!!!! It’s going to start airing in July, on Fridays. Hope some wonderful soul out there can sub it for us desperate fans. uh uh uh T____T..

For you not to get all confused I made this list of old and new characters and their changed names.

Old↓                                                                    New↓

  • Go Mi Nam (Park Shin Hye) -> Sakuraba Yoshio/Miko (Takimoto Miori)
  • Hwang Tae Kyung (Jang Geun Suk) ->Katsuragi Ren (Tamamori Yuta)
  • Kang Shin Woo (Jung Yong hwa) -> Fujishiro Shu (Fujigaya Taisuke)
  • Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki) -> Hongo Yuki (Hikaru Yaotome)
  • Yoo He Yi (UEE) -> NANA (Kojima Haruna)

Go mi nam will be played by Takimoto Miori, who’s a girl..plays the boy….! She’s will be playing both parts just like the korean drama.

I’ve never heard of her before so I can’t say much haha. I don’t even know if she’s an experienced actress. Hm.. But I do think that she can look like a boy! ^^ Good thing, haha lol. Park Shin Hye who plays Go Mi Nam in You’re Beautiful did such an awesome job. She really looked like the cutest guy ever, got slightly a crush on her haha♥! And the role of Go Mi Nam, she does it so good.. it’s just awesome! Really loved Go Mi Nam in You’re Beautiful, after Jeremy.. he was my favorite character ^____^

Here she show’s up her new short hair, ready for Sakuraba Yoshio! Go girl!

Fujigaya Taisuke will take on Yong hwa’s role as Kang Shin woo. Now called, Fujishiro Shu! Taisuke, I know his been in a few dramas and movies back in the days, and now most recently Misaki Number One. Never watched that. Okay….

Taisuke don’t look like Shin woo too me, neither I think he has the “calm aura” around him. Aw this is too bad T_T I hope he does it well too! at least your last names are a like ^^!..

Tamomori Yuta will play “Tae Kyung”. What do I think about that.. Once again Jang Geun Suk is also an AMAZING actor! I think it’ll be hard for Yuta to live up to all the Tae Kyung expectations, that level on acting is really.. skilled. Haha! Yuta said in an interview recently, ““In the original series, (Jang Geun Suk’s) facial expressions were vivid, so (I) want to properly do that part.”” I will be cheering for you, gambatte ne :)!

I’ve seen the new pictures of Yuta and they changed his appearance a lot. He usually have light brown  hair (old pic up there), but he died it black and he cut it similar to Tae Kyung, also his eyebrows.. really I don’t know what’s up with them but they look Tae Kyung-ish. HAHA LOL.

This is Jang Geun Suks Tae Kyung. Maybe they look a bit a like? When Yuta died his hair and all. Hmm..

The UEE-bitch in the drama will be played by cute Kojima Haruna (roll is called Nana), and she’s a member of AKB48 (surprisingly…). It’s a bit funny because.. she’s like the sweetest person haha.. Just look at her! Sweetness overload. I guess it will be quite a challenge for our young lady Haruna-chan~! UEE did a really great job as Yoo He Yi in the korean drama, a real goddamn bitch. She even made me hate her as a herself! Hahaha just kidding. But almost O_O.. I hope Haruna really can do it well too. It will be fun to watch.

But ofc I’m more excited for Hikarus part of the whole drama. As a JUMP fan I’ve been waiting for this moment..okay not really.. but please Hikaru make me proud now when Yamada messed up in his Romeo CM*. OK OK OK? 

Just kidding fans. (*But Yamada’s CM is really dorky, don’t you think? LMAO.)

Am I the only one who liked Hikarus new blonde hair? He looks so cute. But it’s hard to top Hong-ki I have to say.. aw ;;..


Omg didn’t find any good picture of Hikaru’s new hair. fml.


I’m a bit sad that they named it “Ikemen desu ne” which basically means “It’s handsome” or “His handsome”, beautiful if you wish. Couldn’t they have kept the original name of the drama when they had to change all the freaking names of the rolls? Okay, it’s a remake so I guess it’s the way it’s done.. but it’s still sad.. Like how the hell can the change GO MI NAM to Sakuraba Miko. What the–.. Go Mi Nam is Go Mi Nam T___T. And I seriously hate that they change Jeremy’s name, fu fu fu fu! Jeremy nowadays Hongo Yuki. They don’t even have the same OST not even the opening orrrr the ending songs. FML. But maybe Wikipedia is right for once..

Related TV show. RELATED. Not the TV Show. T_____T not remake, not other veeersion. Okay okay. I guess I have too high expectations, and that’s never good. Just really hope the whole thing will be good. AHH SO EXCITED :DD

The Japanese remake of popular Korean drama You’re Beautiful is called Ikemen desu ne and will start airing July 15th. 

Official site here.

Watch “You’re Beautiful” here.

Latest CM here.

Like it on FB here.


2 Responses to “You’re Beautiful -> Ikemen desu ne = SPAM”

  1. 美杏花ちゃん-BiancaChan June 18, 2011 at 1:05 pm #

    WIIIII~! Längtar så mycket efter att få se den! Längtar efter att få se Hikaru 8D Och Tamamori :3 Har bara sett Tamamori i Gokusen special men han var grymt bra i den~ Så hoppas han kommer göra riktigt bra ifrån sig i Ikemen desu ne 8D Och Hikaru kommer säkert göra sitt bästa och vara otroligt duktig :3

  2. Donne February 25, 2012 at 12:59 pm #

    How’s IDN? I’ve never watched it yet, fearing that it would actually ruin the beauty that is Minami Shineyo 😛 But, dou? Was it proper? 🙂

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