My sister is home♥

19 Jun

Finally finally my sister came home from Italy, Rome. I missed her to death ;;.. We never stay away from each other more than maybe 24 hours so this whole week was really hard. Me and my sister was really close when we were younger, then we kinda grow apart but now in later years we found back to each other again. And that’s my life story haha jk. Anyways, we went to the airport today but her flight was a bit late so we had to wait 2 hours. That was boring! ^^ After that we picked everyone up we went home and she gave me some stuff she bought in Rome, and on the airports. Love you sis♥.. I’m glad you’re home again!

1. My favorite mascara, L’Oréal Extra-Volume Collagene. 2,3,4,5. Bronzing powder, YSL – Terre Saharienne (3). 6. Body spray, Sephora perfume. 7. Scented – Vanille créme brûlée. 8. Scented – Chocolate toffee.

And here is my newest ring I bought a few weeks ago, from Lindex.


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