My “new” nails

24 Jun

People keep asking about my “new nails” which is actually just my old Geleration, that I made a bit funnier!

My Geleration was a red coral color but I was really tired of it so I started to play with some fugly lines on my thumb with a wooden stick and some silver nail polish. I figured I needed something thinner to make it look more smooth and shit.. haha!! So I took an old eyeliner that I never use (h&m shitty motherf–) and I cleansed it closely with hot water. And some eye make-up remover, smart smart. Then when it was all cleaned up I dipped it in some nail polish and made my magic.

Okay so what you need for making these kinds of nails is,

Nail polish. OHHH YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH… I just took out some that fitted to my Geleration!

Make-up sponge (yeah it works!), cotton swabs and cotton wads..

Top coat my love.

Polish remover. DO NOT USE THIS ONE!!! It’s extremely strong, and not suited for thin, REGULAR nails. I got this one from my dad when I forced him to panicky buy me some new remover because mine was gone. Gripen sucks. It’s so freaking strong even my strong, hard nails died. Ok ok! It’s okay to use on strong glitter colors. Like O.P.I’s. They sit like stone!

Ugly Hello Kitty paper.

And ofc (!) the clean eyeliner pencil, applier, thingy.. whatever.

So what you wanna do is.. clean it as I said. Narrowly. Whip it off, we want it dry ok! After that make a little nice pound of nail polish on the hello kitty paper and dip your applier in it. Don’t be greedy, take a lot of polish on the brush! After that, make your magic. Okay…. I can’t possibly tell you how to draw the lines. But yeah, just do it your way. It’s very easy, and I think it’s so much fun too.. Just take your time and don’t hurry on like a freaking overstrained bird..

You can mix colors, draw them on each other, vertically.. you name it! Just wait like 1 minute or two so it can dry before you apply a new color. Or else, you’ll mess up. Like me~ ….

Also have a cotton swab and wad ready with remover on so you can clean the applier once in a while and remove the polish from your nail if you failed a bit. Ok~? Then when everything is dry, put on some top coat. AND D O N E. 

Of course you can do it which way you want! Make your nails your own. I made a different pattern on every nail lol, but yeah.. do what you like! I also did on 3 1/2 of my nails some glitter, instead of all the lines.. using the make-up sponge. It’s also very easy. Just dip it in the polish and dab it on the nail slightly. It easier with glitter polish!

Hope you liked this little tutorial. Haha~





One Response to “My “new” nails”

  1. Alva! November 11, 2011 at 7:16 pm #

    Snyggt! ❤ (DU ÄR DUKTIG) haha..

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