25 Jun

The adventures of Amanda and Caroline continued today. Or.. the first episode was today, haha!

Okay, serious now. Had a super nice time with Caroline today. We met up and bought food and strawberries and good things~, then we went to “Strålan”, a lake, and had a little picnic. Today, or yesterday.. the clock is over 12 already wow! It was midsummer here in Sweden. It’s a really silly holiday we have here but whatever. I like that you can dress up in nice dresses and all that mihi♥.

So today I kinda realized that I’m going away from this shitty country to something way better. My other home, Greece♥! IN TWO DAYS. On monday I’m off! I’m gonna stay in 2 weeks, but I have done some scheduled posts for you guys! Aha, look forward to it..

I’m not going to miss Stockholm. That’s just sad uh. But I’m really going to miss my boy, my stomach hurts already. ;;..



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