My nails things

30 Jun

After I posted that post about my newest nails I got a lot of questions about my nails, over all. Uhm.. so I thought I would show all my nail stuff ūüôā

1) Nailfile from nailset. It’s okay, works if nothing else does.. with stage 1 to 4.

2) Cuticle nail creme. LOVE THIS ONE. From H&M.

3) Wooden stick. A must for all nail lovers, haha.

4) Nail stickers? Lol. They’re pretty anyways..

5) My nail file, that I use to adjust my nail shape and such. Love this one too, it’s made of glass and really really good! I don’t know where you can get it though. Sorry!

6) Same.

7) Polishes. Haha yeh..

8) More polishes. And it’s not all of them either.. Look, Jjong is watching them for me~~.. hehehe..

9) The epic eyeliner applier.

10) Top coat. ‚̧

11) Strengthening p0lish. Must have for weak nails. Tip for those who have nails that parts!

12) Random paper. that you don’t love.

1) Fake nails. I used fake nails in the past when I didn’t grew longer nails myself, and I absolutely loved it. That’s the thing that got me into nail art haha! Fake nails are g o o d stuff, if you’re using the right brand. I haven’t tried too many myself, but I do know that Depends are good and nice to your nails too. That’s the most important thing. If you make acrylic nails or build nails it can, or will¬†definitely¬†ruin your own nail under it, and the same can happen if you use the wrong fake nails. Think of that girls! Anyways… I always keep a pair of fake nails in my room in case I would go crazy one die and cut all my real nails off and aply those. I love the feeling of fake nails, am I¬†creepy? Haha.. it just feels so fancy and all. Mhm~

2) A nail fixing set. Got it from mom when she went to London. Not too good, no.

3) Nail glue. Perfect if you’re breaking a nail or stuff like that.

4) Glitter polishes from Katy Perry’s O.P.I.. Love them!

5) Make up sponge, and cotton swab and wad..

6) More polishes.

7) Gripen nail polish remover. One word. DON’T! Don’t buy this, it sucks and it’s dangerous for your nails. Ok~? Buy Depends or something!!!!

8) Picture from when I made my nails..

So if you have anymore questions about my nails, I’m willing to answer them when I get back from Greece.

Or you can just ask them in my “ASK ME ANYTHING” post. Fr√•gestund!



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