It’s late yo

17 Jul

Hi everybody. It’s pretty late right now so I feel like whispering LOL. Everyone in my house is deeply sleeping right now because they’re all going up in the early morning to do something (don’t remember), but at that time I will be sleeping. I am fun, aren’t I? I miss my friends so much. They left me here in freaking Stockholm, a l o n e. Okay.. I have Joon♥. But I still get lonely yo. His not the best husband you know.. leaving his wifey in cold sweden. Okay just joking guys… As I said, it’s late.

I’m really tired but I’ve been fixing with all my orders from the thing I have on sale and with a new tumblr so I don’t have time for my bed! But in some minutes I’m gonna go and sleep.

Today I didn’t do much. Woke up so late, around 2 a clock. Not that great.. I ate a new ramen that I bought at JT yesterday. So good♥ And I painted with my little brother. Dinosaurs today. After that I took sometime with my laptop and checked MBLAQ’s performances for today and a little tumblr.


favorite gif from today. so hawt.

It made me so happy, a great mood for the rest of the day actually.. I went to a food store with my sister and we got Ben&Jerry’s for dessert. Haha such fatties. I chose the Strawberry Cheescake one, and  my sister the Nordic Water.. something one. Because she wants to save Östersjön. ^___^ Had a great night with my family, minus mommy because she’s away for the moment.

Any updates in my life other then that.. I’m just enjoying having a summer break right now. I’ve been doing  a lot of stuff with myself lately. That means alone. I’ve been shopping, alone. I’ve been going to the movies, and been writing and dancing and yeah.. Hm, I think I talked about it here before.. but I kinda recently realized that I’m a kind of girl who loves to be alone. Is that weird? Hm.. maybe~.. I’m a super social person but it’s something about that loneliness that I like. Haha. But I guess I have always been kind of lonely. That’s life right people. I’m btw, so happy that there was humans out there who actually wanted to buy my Johnny’s things. I was so surprised and happy. Thank you guys! 

Gosh I’m yawning so much right now. I think a date with my bed is the best alternative now, hehe. Already planned what to do tomorrow “morning” though. Ramen and Ninja Assassin in my couch with a big blanket and maybe a glass of milk. Life as a loner. Life of Amanda.

the new tumblr.

my personal tumblr.


One Response to “It’s late yo”

  1. lala July 17, 2011 at 4:56 am #

    Cute glasses!! I saw MBLAQ’s performance too xD

    Re: oh really? Thank you ^^

    Yes! I really ❤ "Mona Lisa" especially; I should go and check out there other songs then!

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