Junho är fin

19 Jul

I just kinda realized when I saw these photos that Junho is really hot. Wa-ha-ha. Okay, that was a lie.. I always thought he was hot. =.=


I just got home from town. Had a great time with my gals, as always. WE WATCHED THE LAST HARRY POTTER. Oh my goodness. What to say? I mean, MY CHILDHOOD IS OFFICIALLY OVER!!!!!! damn you Harry!!! Okay, breath Amanda. Seriously though I’m so sad it’s over.. I wish it would never end. But the movie was great, a great greeaat ending. EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH IT OK! I’m so happy that Harry Potter was or still is in my world because I really enjoyed reading the books, and watching the movies (a huge HP dork with other words). I remember when me and my friend Elea always lied in her garden and she read the books out loud for me (because I sucked at reading, hoho). That was good times♥. I WANNA BE A WIZARD TOO! Or a witch maybe, because I’m a girl.. yeah.. eh.

I’m gonna watch 2pm’s Idol Army and then I’m off to bed.



One Response to “Junho är fin”

  1. chiaki July 20, 2011 at 7:42 am #

    sv. ååh :/
    Men vet du vad!? 😀 **glödlampa** Jag har såna stora kuvert! Jag kan ju skicka pengarna i ett sånt så behöver du inte köpa ett nytt?
    Då kanske jag har råd med en tidning och ett foto, eller? 🙂 (A)

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