So happy right now because I’m broke, ho-ho

8 Aug


Ah~ I’m so happy right now. I just ordered some things from YS ^_^ I haven’t ordered clothes or anything (espesially from YS) in sooo many months. I don’t even know when I last did it omo..

I didn’t buy much clothing this time but that’s because I really wanted these new pair of lenses, and they’re quite expensive ~.~.. I used my grey lenses, and my other brown ones so so much.. I really wanted a new pair you see! I don’t know if I ever wrote this here but I actually broke one of my HUGE black lenses for like some months ago. Ahhh I know so stupid =.=.. I don’t know how it happened it became like a little crack in on of the lenses, so now if I used them it looks all fucked up. SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD.

Anyways here is the new pair of lenses!

GEO – Xtra Lens WT-A74 (Brown)

here is the before and after on a pretty gal. You can see the lens also.

I bought from GEO this time. I have one other pair from them, Princess Grey (I think…), and they’re really good ^-^ So these are called GEO – Xtra Lens WT-A74 (Brown). I’m excited to try out them, and I think they looked pretty so yeah! A bad thing about purchasing lenses at YS is that you have to buy “2” of them, because in each package you only get on lens. Sucks, huh. So yeah, twice as expensive? Meh, I usually pay about 200 kr for them (15$) so it’s alright.

I bought two cardigans, or whatever you want to call it.

Here is one I bought from Tokyo Fashion. In the apricot kind of color. I really like the pink one as well and I almost couldn’t decide buh o_o.. but for some reason the apricot one was cheaper sooo.. ^^.

The other cardigan I bought. O-M-O, I fell completely in love with this one.

Isn’t it lovely? Ow. Can’t wait to wear in now when autumn comes around!

Other colors. This one also from Tokyo Fashion.

Then I bought these pair of glasses.

I just fell in love with them immediately. Aren’t they lovely?..

They’re from 59 Seconds which is one of my favorite brands on YS. They just make amazing clothing, hehe♥.. And now when I saw that they also make lots, and lots of glasses (maybe not make.. sell..ehh..), I HAD TO BUY A PAIR! These kinds of glasses are super popular right, but I thought these were a bit unique. Aha, maybe not. I like them anyways, so pretty..

One hing that sucks though, pretty hard. Everything was already “ready-in-stock” from the beginning, except the freaking glasses. FUUUUU. It’s gonna take about 3 week for them to come to the stock, and then they can send the package. Fun, isn’t it. BUT I DO LOVE INTERNET SHOPPING ho-ho-hi.

Yeah, I’m officially broke.




One Response to “So happy right now because I’m broke, ho-ho”

  1. 美杏花 August 8, 2011 at 12:46 pm #

    Älskar linserna!

    Btw paketet kom idag ^_^ Tack så jätte mycket för bilderna på Yamada! Jag blev så glad! >w< Och jag älskar verkligen Ueda's och Yamapi's uchiwa, så fina~! Tack så hemskt mycket! ❤

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