9 Aug


Hope everyone is doing okay!

Today I’ve been to Gröna Lund with my family. I had so much fun~.. I actually didn’t go there in so many years, but this summer I decided that I have to go haha! I went on many rides and also the new roller coaster Twister. That one was so fun 😀 Ate Fish’n chips and langos♥. Haha it’s kinda like, when you go to Gröna Lund you have to eat that stuff or else.. the trip is not made complete ;;! Anyways I had a really fun day~.. After Gröna Lund we went to an Indian restaurant, that we go to pretty often lol -.-. But they have super good food hehe ;3.. And now I’m home with a full stomach.

and here is todays favorite pictures of my joonie.. ow.. loved these. he’s so precious♥


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