Pictures and words from today

12 Aug

Here is some pictures from today.

Friday12th august 2011.

went natural on my face and wore this pretty maxidress, but used it as a skirt. bracelets from greece, and necklace inspired by yong hwa from you’re beautiful. it’s so pretty right!

Me, mommy and my sib took a little road trip to my mom’s work just to visit her co-worker, Veronica. We joined her and her mother for lunch, and I also ran to the store and got us vanilla buns. nom♥ I ate a cold calzone pizza-slice also, if you wanted to know that. After that we got back in our little car and drove to Sickla. (I’m there too much. WAY TOO MUCH.) It was only because my sister wanted (or had to) cut her bangs. She can barely see anything right now, bwaha.. that’s because she didn’t get a hair cut. lol.. So yeah, I got some stuff in Sickla. Because I’m a shopping freak

I got small, tiny tiny brushes to my nails from Panduro. Got a new purse ^_^ the color is much darker irl, but yeah.. you can see how it looks! I thought I needed a new one with my hundred others. Phew.. but really, new purse to new school! Right! And also a pair of earrings that I fell in love with. Love that red color.. from H&M, the purse as well.

Now in the evening we got visit from my mom’s old friend and her family. I have known her sons my whole life, lol. They’re nice guys haha. Anyways here is some ugly pictures of me. and oh, got my mblaq mona lisa album two days ago. I’M SO HAPPY. I will do another post about that one later, but owww just had to tell you♥.

now it’s time for my bed. sleep tight.


2 Responses to “Pictures and words from today”

  1. natalia :) August 14, 2011 at 11:47 pm #

    oh vilket snyggt halsband =D

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