Magazine fill-up – AnAn ~ Hot Chili Paper

15 Aug

Hi my wonderful readers♥..

Do you know how happy it makes me everytime I look at my site sates and see how many YOU GUYS ARE. Like seriously, I don’t know.. I can’t figure out why people would want to read about me and my fangirling life. Thank you all♥. Though you really suck and commenting. 

ANYWAYS. This post is going to be about my newest magazines. Yahooo! I got two new, one AnAn and MBLAQ’s Hot Chili Paper cover. I got them from YesAsia for about a month ago, so their pretty late haha but yeah.

This is new. Haha XD Just click on every picture to see it bigger ok ^_^

I absolutely LOVE MBLAQ’s pictures in both magazines. But I guess Hot Chili paper is better, obviously, because it has the cover and more pictures. But I did love that AnAn had “korean special” with lots, and lots of korean idols. 2pm, and B2ST..mmm me like♥! 

In the Hot Chili paper you also get a CD (that’s why it costs like 100 kr MORE then usual…) and yeah.. I kinda want to die again right now. When I got the magazine I was super happy, and I was about to watch the CD.. but then..; IT DOESN’T WORK IN UNION. OF THE FUCKING COURSE. I died. Still dead. I don’t even know what’s on that CD (IT HAS MBLAQ ON IT!!!!) and that’s killing me too. If you know what’s on that CD, goddamn.. TELL ME!!!!

Aish. I’m gonna go and watch The Tourist with my papa now. Have a nice night you guys♥



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