Preparations – ♥

16 Aug

Today I have been preparing for Ji-yongs birthday, which is in 2 days omo. I went and ordered a birthday cake, but sadly I couldn’t add a picture on it because I was one day too late. You have to order cakes with pictures 3 days early. I’m such a baka. Anyways.. I told them to make it pretty! Haha, and they’re gonna write something on it too so that’s all good. Wah~ I’m getting so excited 😀

So on thursday I’m gonna pick up my sis from school and we’re gonna go and get some picnic food, and drinks and ofc the cake! Then we’re gonna celebrate G’s birthday, just us two. Ah.. I know it’s a bit sad. But I don’t have any friend who likes him, and wants to celebrate his birthday with me. So my sister is doing it. THANK YOU SWEETHEART♥, for always being there for me! It’s going to be soo much fun.. EXCITED. We’re going to do a little video about it also, (haha because I promised Kazu!).. for everyone to watch wiiihooo~.. I guess I’ll post it on my Youtube channel neh ^_^ Look forward to that!

When I fixed the cake thingy today I also looked at some new autumn clothing. And WOW, got to tell you.. I love autumn fashion! Found so pretty knitted blouses, and also a lot of cosy cardigans. Neh, I bought one thing. A tight knitted jeresey, in a dark peachy kind of color (eh wtf). I’ll show it later ok ^^.. Also got a pair of jeans shorts, now to the fall..haha no. They were on the last final sales so I had to get them, very pretty too. Got a double ring, sales too, and some other requiring stuff. Now I have 56 kr left on my credit card. God, that’s depressing. WELL IT’S PAYDAY SOON RIGHT. Okay no, sowwy mommy ;;…. I don’t even know how I’m gonna pay that damn cake. Sowwy G….. I’ll search money under my bed. It’s gonna be alright.

A lot of text, hehe. Sorry about that too.



One Response to “Preparations – ♥”

  1. Alva! September 7, 2011 at 6:44 pm #

    hihi! varsågod min älskadee!! ❤ 😀

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