Happy birthday baby

19 Aug

(this is late I know T_T)

Today is a BIG BIG day, it’s GD day, it’s the 18th august 2011.. IT’S JI-YONG’s BIRTHDAY! Weeeiii~.. I’m so so happy!

I’ve been celebrating his special day with my lovely sister. And we of course made a video about the whole thing. If you want to see us buying a birthday cake, and being woolly watch this lol!


sorry I couldn’t put subtitles on everything we said, but yeah.. we just talked about random stuff so it’s nothing interesting! xD 


To me GD is the most talented and amazing person. The songs he writes just goes straight to my heart, a genius he is! To me you’re perfect, and please.. don’t care about what all the haters say about you. It’s hard to write a whole lot of words about just how much I love him, but this will do. Thank you for being you Ji-yong, and thank you for changing my life.

You deserve all happiness in the world. I will always love and support you♥. Kwon leadah fighting! 


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