Dirty dirty dirty dirty sucker, do it like a dude

28 Aug

click for bigger ok.

1) me yo. 2/3) black jeans leggings – vero moda. 4/5) cropped shirt – H&M divided 6) eye make-up remover – LINDEX. 7/8/9) Stone washed jeans – H&M divided 10) cotton pads – LINDEX. 11) some-kind of mittens – H&M. 

As you can see (:DDDD) I got myself out of the house and to a mall today. I got these pair of jeans (7,8,9) that I wanted for ages and now I finally could afford them. Yahoo~~..! And I got some other necessities, like the mittens. It starts to get cold here! Yes, fml and yes let me die. Why must the fall come so soon? T_____T I like the fall in some ways but everything gets so depressed and..blue. Uwa ;;.. There is too many summer-crazy persons out in the world! As soon as school starts the fall comes to Sweden. FUN FUN. I don’t want to buy an autumn jacket.. even though they are a lot of pretty ones out there right now.. uhh wtf.

Oh right, about 3 days ago.. I talked to my friend Kazuya on Skype for the first time. It was so much fun to talk to him! And I totally forgot to tell everyone haha.. anyways he’s a really good guy♥! And today I talked to my boo, Yann♥.. She showed me this awesome dude. His name is Daichi Miura, jap, obviously. I like this song a lot,

He’s not like.. the typical DANCER, but I really, like really love his style. He dances in an awesome way♥. Me gusta. He has a good voice too, right! But he looks like Koki, bwahaha that’s so funny XD..! Ahaha I was like.. EHH.. WHAT, HOLD IT!!.. ahh.. it’s not Koki.

and here is hot wooyoung for the ones who’s interested!!!

I don’t think I have anything more random to tell you guys. Tomorrow is school again, it’ll be fun.. I think ;3

Goodnight and sleep tight♥


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