So freaking tired

30 Aug

I’m so tiiiiiiiiiired.

I’ll go to sleep..right after this. you think i’m crazy la? ehehe♥..
I had school today and it was really fun. I had my first styling lesson, wah~.. I’m getting so excited! Just want to start styling EVERYTHING in the room haha xD And there’s so nice girls in my class too! I like my class I guess hehe ^-^. And today I got my make-up brushes♥ no wooooords. I’M SO HAPPY! :D:D:DDDD Tomorrow we’re going to an exhibition, for royal vintage.. aha! And after school I’m gonna meet up with some friends. Hope it’ll be a good day ne! Have a great nights sleep now everyone. annyeong♥. 


One Response to “So freaking tired”

  1. Ngan August 31, 2011 at 2:52 pm #

    Ahh så söt jag dör!!

    SÅ kul att icke asiater också gillar k pop thihi (A)

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