Wednesday wa-ha-ha

31 Aug

Today was so much fun♥! I had class from 9:00 to 13:15.. so it was a short day. We had out second stylist lesson, which was awesome. We first talked about vintage and second-hand, and i got so freaking excited and curious on second-hand. More than I have been before even haha.. I really want to visit some second-hand store! After that we went to the royal castle (ahh lololooolll) and to “Livrustkamaren”, where we went to an exhibition on royal vintage. That was crazy fun. Every single dress was beautiful! They’re so nice, and soo strictly needled. Vintage is really amazing. Tomorrow we’re going to another exhibition, of Lars Wallin. I’m so excited for that one as well~~~!! ^-^

After school today I met up with some old buddies.. ehhehe.. Haley, Becci and Carro. I had a great time as always♥! It’s so nice to see you’re old friends sometimes. I mean I couldn’t go on with my life with out my boo, uhuhu ;;.. even though we’re in different schools now on high school! Anywaaays, we talked a lot ofc. It’s so fun to hear everyone’s “school-stories”. We’re all so different, and so is out schools and programs.. haha. It’s fun ^-^


Now I’m gonna go and watch Hawaii five O which is me and my sisters favorite TV-program 😀



One Response to “Wednesday wa-ha-ha”

  1. Evelyn Ai September 2, 2011 at 12:27 am #

    RE: thank yoouuu ~cute blog btw 😀

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