annyeong hashimnikka..

3 Sep

Good evening dolls.


How is life? Like all the other days this week I’m so tired, zombie walking literally. I began school at 08:00 this morning, and I had to take a bus at 07:00.. uwa, that was just horrible. And this is what I’m going to do four days a week in a year. fml. In school we had our first “real” english lesson. It was okay, but my teacher is really strict. Hate that.. why can’t she just be nice and happy huh? We also had math lesson but that teacher is really funny xD, I like her! Didn’t do any math though, because we were suppose to get out new laptops on that lesson. Which didn’t happen but yeaaah.. I did get my macbook today! Omo, omo, omoooo.. I’m so so happy!!! I LOVE MY BABYYY MACCIE♥. (writing on it rn!!)

And because our school is super late on everything it took about 4 hours for all the first graders to get laptops. After we got them we had some kind of.. “explanation lesson”, about the laptop and how to use it for school work and for other FUN things. I love Photo booth hehe, and I also like that thingy where you can design stuff to your blog. Have to try that one later! I got to go home around 14:00, and I got my ass to the subway. I went to Sickla, mhm, and got a new pair of fall shoes that I’ve been looking at for a while. Really love them. so pretty♥.. I got those and a pink t-shirt. I got home from my neighbors about an hour ago, had a nice dinner at their house with crayfish and other stuff. Don’t think english has a name for these kinds of parties hahaha XD crayfish party!

Uh. I think I need to go to bed. I’m going up pretty early tomorrow.. and I NEEED TO TALK TO YANN, before I go to my aunts place. For everyone’s information, she got her bday gift already ^_^!
Then I’ll say goodnight♥ 


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