It’s tuesday bitch

6 Sep

Well hello!

Today I over slept like 2 hours and I got late to school.. yeah smart gurl♥! So I came there by lunch and I ate disgusting shitty food (I don’t even know what it was..) with my girls. After lunch we had stylist lesson. It was fun as always! We started talking about the hair, and the hair roots and all that. For almost an hour I wrote and wrote notes on my mb xD I’m studying hard! 😀 After the theory we did some shampoo cleaning and “paseér”, don’t know the english word for that. It’s when you part the hair into different sections, like when you’re gonna blow-dry it or something like that ^_^ It was fun!

Here’s a video from today when we waited for a basin.

yeah we’re crazy haha.. 

Lisette played with my hair and did “paseér”. After that I shampooed her hair and blow dried it, then Rebecca did a french braid on Lisette. It looked real pretty in the end haha ^^’

me and ida today haha! 

That was my day. Did you have a good tuesday?



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