11 Sep

Just saying hello to everyone real quick! How are you guuys?
Sorry for being completely arrogant and not posting any blogs lately. I’ve been so busy with a lot of  shit and that have made me so tried. Plus I’m starting to get sick, which is pretty shitty that too yep. So yeah, tomorrow is an other school week. I’m actually excited for ones! School is awesome nowadays.. should it be like that? 😉 I feel sorry for all you swotting motherfuckers who have no fun! Idiots. And tomorrow I’m gonna meet up with babe after school, longing for that!! And oh, I got a job! Started this last staturday and been working yesterday, and today. It’s at a café my mom’s friend owns. It’s really fun haha ^_^ And I get paid good! Cash flooow, yeah man. Na I’m actually gonna save those money I earn to London. I dunno if I told you guys.. I’M GOING TO LONDON THIS NOVEMBER!!! hell yeah! I’m so excited for that, seriouslyyyyyy..! Now I have to shower cause my hair smells like a washing machine. I did dishes all day at work today, mhm nice♥

cheong-dong and mir. so cuuute!

Bye and stay happy ok.



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