Today is Sunday

18 Sep

I’ve been studying the whole day. FML. Today was like.. my first real study-day since I started school this august. Mhm.. not that nice. And it was math on top of everything! I have a home exam thingy that I have to finish and return on september 30.. which is pretty soon hehe. I did like 10 problems and then my brain stopped working, keke ;;.. I hate math. Every sunday used to be like this for me when I was in junior high, and I guess.. i’ts gonna be like this from now on too. I hate sundays too. Because of the math. YEAH.

So yesterday, not much happened either. I was going to this party but I decided not too, for many reasons. So I stayed home and watched “Limitless” with la familia. I loved the movie! It was really cool, and Bradley is hawt! Also ate home made oreo and polkagris ice cream, wah.. it was super♥!

Now comes some pictures from an hour ago or so,


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