Sick monkey

22 Sep

hi babies♥
i’m sick and all fucked up at the moment. I DON’T WANNA BE A HELPLESS LITTLE MONKEY RIGHT NOW. Many reasons T_T.. Tomorrow I’m going to a little concert at Grönan with möller and sandra, we’re seeing Veronica Maggio. I really really really hope I can make it, and I’m almost sure I can. Just have to take it a bit slow.. (like that’s gonna happen.)! Some other reasons.. I missed school photo day today. I REALLY wanted to be in my first photo with my new class, but na. Of course not! They changed the date from tomorrow to today all of a sudden, so I would have made it if they didn’t change the dates. Fuckers!!!! Well well, have to take it like a man.. uh I’m a monkey. I think that was my reasons for being terribly mad at my sickness atm. Hehe. Today I have not been studying, like a gud gurl. I’ve been sleeping, watching Secret Garden and Jersey Shore on my mac.. watched “Home Alone” on my TV.. and ate ramen with eggs, ham and lettuce.. om nomnom♥. Also ate some chocolate. That was it, I think.. yeh. Soon I will cook dinner with my daddy. We’re gonna make taco-paj! Yay yay yay, love that~.. I remember when Haley and I won a chef’s competitions we had in home economics because we did that pie! 😀 Taco-paj means taco-pie.. basically, all you English readers. Awh.. I was so happy we won. I’m still happy, and proud about that. haley and amanda fighting~!
Now to something else.. IT’S FREAKING COLD OUTSIDE. Bu-hu-hu.. the fact that it’s getting soo cold is making me angry. But the fact, mihhi~.. that that means that (wtf many thats…) it’s going to be winter soon, makes me happy =D! I love the winter♥ Have to start count down to my birthday soon, hello! 😉 Well that’s a bit early. I don’t know what to wish for this years birthday. Maybe I won’t wish anything. That sounds good..

Wanted to put this vid into this posts before I leave! From some stylist lessons, hope you enjoy♥;

But now I’m getting so hungry, have to go make dinner~!
Bye peeps♥



One Response to “Sick monkey”

  1. Rebecka September 23, 2011 at 6:35 pm #

    Är du tävlingssugen? var då med och tävla på min blogg om två par lösögonfransar här! 🙂

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