Baby you, holding my heart

29 Sep

very nice pictures from school.

Today I had two lessons, like yesterday. And I got home around 14:00, so nice♥ Now I’m babysitting my little brother and studying (..), and we’re gonna make some carbonara pretty soon! Just finished my home exam actually!! I thought I already finished it, this tuesday.. but then today in school Åsa showed me some “other” pages, further back in the papers we got. AM I BLIND. And of course I missed those, so had to do them now. Lucky I found out today because I have to hand it in tomorrow, that’s my sixth sense again!

Speaking of sixth sense, I’m in love with BEG’s new album and espsially Sixth sense. I WANT TO BUY IT. But I can’t, unfortunately.. I have to save money for London. Waaa want november to come faster♥

And when I’m talking about music and rainy London. I love this song.



One Response to “Baby you, holding my heart”

  1. Lydia October 4, 2011 at 6:05 pm #

    sv: skorna kostar 380kr ! visst är dom snygga :’D

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