Smoke weed everyday

12 Oct

Well, herrow! I hate freaking auto-correct on mac. FUCK YOU! I wrote herrow and auto-corrcet fucks with me and says her row. Like.. NO! NOOO! I’m mad (:
So. Lately.. No update, noooo.. and not busy at all, noooo. That’s just how it is! And you can’t say anything about it, can you? YEAH BUDDY!
I’m sorry readers. My blog is terribly boring nowadays, thought I told you I would be better. I’m not.. really much better at all ^_^ That poll I did, the most voted thing was “pictures of me”.. hahaha you pervs. But I guess I’ll try to post more, than I already do.
Allkpop just wrote “Tae-yang reveals baby photo!”. Wth. Why would Bae do that now? LIKE, LOOOOOL hahahahahahah I’m laughinnnnnggggg!!!
Here I am. earlier today. ↓

and here’s a song I love.

gotta love old snoop.

PLEASE for gods sake follow me or tumblr or some shit. I’m ALOT more updated there, I update everyday.. every hour…. you get it. Cuz I love tumblr. Yeah. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER (u mad bieber?) GONNA LEAVE TUMBLR. MY HUBBY<3!
okay. going crazy here, bye♥


my tumblr; 


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