It’s wednesday bitch

26 Oct

Herrow fellow readers.
Time to update again. Haha I know I suck at this, no need to comment.. ^_^
Sitting in school atm, having stylist lesson. Our teacher with home with a sick child so we’re all alone wehehe ūüėÄ It’s fun, cuz we can do whatever.. but boring because we don’t get anything done. Haha. Right now Rebecca is doing my make-up, or she’s done.. and now she’s taking care of my little hair. She’s doing the famous “ribbon-hair”, that I actually really like . But it’s hard to wear that here in Sweden and not be called “Foki”, which I’ll kill people for if they call me that. Haha! You’ve been warned!!
Anyways. On BIGBANG updates I know it’s tough at the moment. BIGBANG and VIP’s are going through lots of shit right now, but we can’t really do anything about it. The only thing we can do is to be strong together. VIP AND BIGBANG FIGHTING‚ô• They’ll come back soon babies, don’t worry.
Other news. ¬†I’m going to LONDON on wednesday! In one week I’m running reality, once again. Wa-ha-ha.. I’m SO excited for this.. seriously. Me and mom, 5 days, shopping, good food and just wonderfullness. Can’t be better.
Gonna stop writing here. Bye guys‚ô•


One Response to “It’s wednesday bitch”

  1. ^_^ November 3, 2011 at 4:27 pm #

    Hej! :3 S√•g att du l√§ste peachs blogg och du kanske √§r intresserad av Circle lenses? =) Jag har 2 par (1 o√∂ppnad) och en nyligen √∂ppnad (Oanv√§nda) sj√§lvklart och om du skulle vara intresserad s√• kan du meddela mig :3 220kr/par… ^__^ Skickar bilder ocks√•, ifall det skulle beh√∂vas.

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