Say ma name

29 Oct

Hi people! I’m now on BREAK from school, a school-free week of nothing nothing nothing. That’s kind of a lie, hehe, cuz I’m going to London biatches!! SO FREAKING EXCITED. I’ll bring my maccie, so maybe I’ll update here or on tumblr, or facebook. Did you see I’m been loving facebook lately, hahah kill me. It’s just the easiest way to put up pictures from le school. Plus some days ago I made a group to our class, so now we can chat share things and chat together yaay 😀 Aren’t I super duper clever.

Yesterday I was in school just an hour, our schedule is fucked up I know. After that I went home and slept for like and hour, power nap! Then later I went to Adrianooo and we watched some movies and ate pizza. It was nice♥. He’s such a cutie, you know!

Anyways.. what’s popping in the k-pop world? I saw this new group, MyName, right?
Or this is how it was.. Someone said, “Look at that new group, they’ve just debuted!!” and I was like, “Oh yeah, sure!”. Then I searched it up, and watched there live.. and I was like: “This is not a just debuted rookie group.” Like holy mother, they’re sooo good! New groups have been very bad lately, not very.. but not in my taste anyways! I liked Teen Top when they released their debuting single but then it faded a bit cuz I don’t have a bias in there (if you don’t count Chunji!! whehehehe..) Anyways. All this new groups, not super great.. And don’t hate me for this but, MyName is the best new-boygroup I’ve seen in a while. B1A4, Teen Top, Boyfriend, all have this “cute” image. That I guess you already know, I’m not too up for. Block B in other hands, I kinda like them. Their debut song, super! Next song (what’s the name? I don’t even-), hated it! So yeah. Haha. MYNAME is good shit. So I first watched the live right, and then I saw the MV on some blog. And I was like hoooly maccaroni… I LOVE THAT INTRO. The intro is so freaking good, addicvtive and whatever. YAAHAHLALALAL LA YAH LALALALALA YAYAYAYAYYAYAYA….who wouldn’t love that? x)
Then in chores it all faded into a somewhat ordinary k-pop song.. and I was like: “No.”. It was a bit drepessing. I thought I was going to here something super cool, but it’s okay.. It was a pretty good chores! But they say message so terrible I wanna die. Like who… who in the world told them to sing “Messagiiieeeeeeee..”. Hahah so cute. The MV was good. But I recognized too much stuff from other MV’s, like Stay MV room, Block B rooms and clothing.. but whatevaaaa♥. But then it comes to the chores again and… it doesn’t fit to be all manly, and dance like a really strong dance and sing “You got a messagiieee..”, in a super quirky and happy way. No nonononono.. I do love the other parts of the song, and the dance is awesome! I think this will be one of my new favorite groups, cuz there really is something with them. I read people say like, “This is like the new TVXQ..” and stuff. I and feel them! It’s something DBSK-ish about them, (maybe cuz the main singer kinda sound like Yunho..). My bias, I now sure if I have one yet. But the guy with red hair is cute ^_^ When he sang the rap part and was like “HOHO” (or hoe hoe, if you want.) I was like “AWWIIIIE.. pop that chest!!”. I like this group, for now.. we’ll see what’s gonna happen in lee future! MyName Fighting!

And this,

  • Rihanna: o na na whats my name
  • Myname: we’re a kpop group, thanks for askingI LOVE TUMBLR owmjaogkaåsösss.

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