Take a shot for me

12 Nov

Yesterday. Oh yesterday.. Friday right, so that means school. And school means lessons. I had swedish, math and english lesson. No stylist on fridays, which makes it soo freaking hard to come to school. I know, lazy mother f<3. Oh well, it’s the only day I don’t have stylist lessons so shiet..
I saw a picture of Joon with the english flag in the background.. and I was like.. “HOLY MOTHER BEEEP BEEEPPEPEPEP BEEEEP..” I really thought he was in London. At that time.. And I freaking cursed myself for going home like a week earlier. “I’M SO STUPIIIID! WAE GOD WAAAAE!!” Then I saw the little lyrics on the picutre. – Happy princess fairy in Sydney.
Oh. Oh? Oh.. Sydney. SYDNEEEEYYYYY!!! :D:D:D::DDD I was so happy after I read that text, just tellin’ ya.
I slept at Caroline’s house yesterday too. After school, yeahahaha.. I went to her house and had fun<3 Love you darl. I really need these kind of nights sometimes, when you’re just home and taking it chill with your best buddy in le world.  We watched some weird zombie movie, that was suppose to be scary and FUNNY? like what the.. And then earlier today we saw a movie called “Födelsedagen” in swedish, so I guess “The birthday” or whatever? An old movie, but we both liked it haha. It was cute (: doooooong, I liked 😉
Today I haven’t done shit. Been tumblin’ the whole dayyy haha.. can’t stop that shiet<3 I think I’ve been on tumblr a couple of years now, but it’s more fun then ever atm haha 😀 Tomorrow it’s father’s day here, so we’re gonna celebrate papi and gonna go to my grandpa’s place and eat dinner and cake, I think 🙂 will be nice, I hope!
Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Don’t get too drunk, and follow me on tumblr.. aiiight?

me last thursday in school.  




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