I can see, that’s my baby

15 Dec


What happened to us? So close all the time la.. I’m sorry I know I’ve been a bitch. I’ll fix this.. I PROMISE!
HAHAHAA…. too bad my blog is partly dead all the time. Sup bitches? Missed me? I know ya’ll did.

Sooo.. In like, one week, exactly I’m going for xmas break. Oh thank the lord! This christmas, feels.. like it’s gonna be a damn good one. I loooove christmas really, mostly because of the snow, cuz snow you guys.. the best thing in this world♥ (except some pretty little people on the other side of earth.) And yeah, I knooow it’s no snow here atm. FUCK YOU WEATHER GODS. what the heck, we need snow here, that’s like abc to a good christmas. That poudry little stars falling from the heaven. SNOOOOOOOW. Oh well, i’m not gonna stay in Stockholm this xmas anyways soo.. bye ugly gray ground! I’m going to my grans place and there it’s snow, aaaalot of snow! For a couple of days.. like 22 to 27th.. Home before my birthday! Oh yeaaah! Turning 16 you guuuuys 🙂 AND I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED :D:D:D:D
If you didn’t know, my birthday is on the 30th december haha, yeah you can laugh. Last but not least ^___^
Lately I’ve haven’t been too busy. I guess, hahaha! Just chillin’, as always 🙂 We don’t have so much homework and shit in my school you see. But I do have three tests I have to do before I go on break, heh. But that’s my own fault ^^ la, take care of school you guys! It’s just unnecessary to screw things up.  Advice from Aibai!

Wanted to share this song with you guys. By the wonderful Tim, and it’s called Chillin Here In the Atmosphere (C.H.I.A).
I really really really love this song, haha! The video is sooo cute and the song is amazing. I can see that’s my baby♥

I’ll update more this comming weekend, and week okaay.. so look forward to that peeps ^___^

hugs n kisses♥


2 Responses to “I can see, that’s my baby”

  1. Greta~^^ December 15, 2011 at 7:59 pm #

    BÄST FÖREJ ATT DU UPPDATERAR MER annars blir jag ledsen i mina små ögon<3

    • whataisaid December 16, 2011 at 11:46 am #

      awhhhh ledsen i ögat :(:(:( jag ska uppdatera mer :D:D:D loooovar<3!

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