And I’m back again..

17 Dec

Hey angels. Who’s back, again ^_^ I’m glad I’m updating again tbh. It’s fun to blog really.. just forgot to be all fun and witty sometimes na (:

I don’t even now if you want to know what I do on my free time but whatever. Today I had a free day from school, yes thank the lord, that was wonderful. Didn’t sleep that long though cuz I wass going to meet up with my friend. I met Car and Felix and we went to my school because I had to fix some shit with my locker. Can’t talk about that cuz I’m too tired but it didn’t work out too well so we left school after like one minute. Haha LOL. After that me and Felix went to his place and Car went home. We had fun ^_^ watched lots of movies and ate good food♥ I came home about ten in the evening to babysit my little siblings. They can’t sleep in this big house by themselves you see, and my mum and dad were out on a date soo.. someone got to do it 😉 And that’s pretty much my day. Me and my sister watch some weird ass movie on 6:an, it was like… the weirdest shit I’ve seen in a while LOOOOL. Don’t even remember the name, sorry heh ;3
I’m so jealous of those people who already have xmas break, like whaaaat.. it’s so early T_T and I’m not gonna be free until NEXT freaking friday, or maybe thursday.. not even sure hah. When do you people go on break? 

Pictures from today and from tumblr.

And here’s a song that I like very much..

May your neighbours respect you, trouble neglect you, angels protect you. And heaven accept you.

I’m gonna sleep. Have a goodnight!


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