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5 Oct




19 Aug

To the 5 boys I love, you’ve just broken the five year curse! More than that, you’ve touched the lives of so many people through your songs and genuine hearts. We all know the road to the top isn’t easy but you withstood every trial and bounced back stronger than ever. 
If you ask me what kept me a VIP? It’s because you are who you are. No strings attached. You frown when you’re sad, you laugh when you’re happy. You say what’s on your mind. And that’s what sets you apart.
So Kwon Jiyong, Choi Seunghyun, Kang Daesung, Dong Youngbae and Lee Seunghyun, never change. Our hearts won’t be shaken. We will always be your loyal VIPS.
And as Buzz Lightyear would say, to infinity and beyond. ♥♥♥

Ah.. it’s going to be a lot of celebrations from now on!

BIGBANG lasted through the 5 year curse today, isn’t it amazing. Totally. Mm~ I’m so happy, once again.. these last days have been wonderful♥! My dashboard on tumblr is spammed with BB stuff today, and yesterday it was GD stuff hehe. BIGBANG is my favorite group along with MBLAQ and that’s how it’s gonna stay. The best group in the world, with the best members in the world.. I love you (more, more)♥!


Daesung fighting!

3 Jul

I’m not home right now, this is a scheduled post. But I still think and pray for Daesung. We love you Dae♥

From Tumblr:

I don’t want Big Bang. I don’t need them to hurry with their promotions/comeback. I need them to be with Dae, to be his shield and shadow. I need them to be Choi SeungHyun not T.O.P, Kwon JiYong not G-Dragon, Dong YoungBae not Taeyang, Lee SeungHyun not Seungri. I want them to be the brother not the group members.


When I posted this I thought there will be people who will see this wish as selfish but I didn’t expect that VIP’s will be united for one man. I AM SO PROUD THAT I AM A PART OF THIS FAMILY!

Daesung fighting~

Let me take you down Youngbae

18 May

Today it is Taeyang oppas birthday!

In school my friend asked something like “is it someones birthday today?”, and I was like “Omg I know one! Taeyang~~~~”. Everyone went like: O_O

So yeah, I thought.. I’ll celebrate bae later at home instead. lol

Hope you had a super super birthday! And hope you got many presents and congratulations (I know you did!! cuz of your twitter la..)!

Happy birthday Taeyang oppa!

G-DRAGON AND TAEYANG Pictures, Images and Photos
with my baby ji-yong haha

If you wondering about the title, I just saw this video on YouTube..

2PM♥. They danced to “Take you down” by Chris Brown.. that’s the title!

And if you don’t say that dancing is hella sexy, go die. SERIOUSLY. 2PM baddest of them all~

I think this most be my favorite Star Dance Battle.. it’s so so good! L O V E D  I T!

Everything new

19 Apr

(and I might say hey) or not. I know, no updating. Lovely! I’m clearly sorry about this… uhm.

The last two days I’ve been spending with my wonderful friends. Last Sunday I met up with Cornelia, Fanny and Car-on-line (!!!) in Slussen, and we went to watch Scream 4 and ate cupcakes and Muffin Bakery (love). Scream 4 sucks btw, don’t see it! It’s was really weird because during the whole movie I just sat there and tried to figure out if I was supposed to laugh or cry. Like, is it a comedy or a thriller?! XD Weird. Well it wasn’t scary so..

After that we went home to the ghetto, yeah, and had a sleep over at Cornelia’s house. Wonderful.

The day after that, Saturday, I met up with Sandra and Caroline again. We went to the city, and sat on a pier with like one million other people. Ate our (or mine) first ice-cream this summer spring. WONDERFUL. Didn’t have my camera or anything, just a crappy iphone = no pictures.

I know you care about my life. And if you don’t,


Today I went to the dentist to fix my other teeth. IT WENT WELL. Thank God!!

So now, I look like a normal person. Thank God (again) that you can change your outer-appearance and too bad you can’t change your inner. HAHA KIDDING! ♥

Even if it’s just a little thing. It makes such a big change, I think that I look like a different person right now! lol. But yeah, I’m still super unsettled about my teeth, so can’t show them off quite yet. Sowwyyy.. 

me today

After the dentist I was so so happy, because I made it through the whole living hell ALONE! So, I went shopping in TC. I bought a blouse from H&M and a nail polish (that broke). So not that much, yeh yeh.

After TC I went to Älta Centrum (ÄC) lol lol lol. Picked up a package, from YesAsia. And..


And some other stuffs.

Got my Jay Park cap, omo omo~~

I know, great pictures today.

Also got his Nothin’ on you single, that I wanted for ages. Finally bought it♥!

And then ofc, the Big Bang album – Special edition.

It has songs from old albums, some solo songs and 2 new songs!

The photo book is a-mazing. It’s sooo much pictures, literally a book.

Cute Dae!!!

Sorry for spamming. Just love it, too much.

Now I have to go and make some dinner to my brother.


Big Bang return on Inkigayo

10 Apr


I’m sooo excited~~

Big Bang just had their comeback on Inkigayo, returning with their full album!

I absolutely loved Stupid Liar, seriously.. GD you’re amazing!!!

And Love Song is also super ahhhhh~~~

can’t speak or write or whatever right now!



I’m going out for shopping or something. Need some air!


Big Bang – Lies (Acoustic version)

2 Apr